Why We Believe in the Mission

A moving story about a day at Cup of Cool Water.

  Apr 12, 2016   admin

A few weeks ago I was working an evening drop in. That night was particularly overwhelming because multiple clients were feeling like they were in crisis and required one on one care and attention. I spent most of the evening in an office with a very distraught client. We talked and prayed together. By the end of the two hours she had a safe plan for the evening and an idea of who she can look to for help.

When we exited the office we were both excited about the hope we could see for her future. However, almost instantly when we got into the drop in center, the draws of street life reeled her back in. Her friends and boyfriend had convinced her to forgo the plan and sleep outside again. I was devastated by the choice she made.

When I went home that night I could not stop thinking about the incident that had occurred that evening. I sat down with my journal and wrote out the series of events and reflected on where God was in all of that. I realized God was taking care of everything. From before she even arrived at CCW to the moment she left, God was fighting for her. Although the outcome was not what we had hoped for her I am still encouraged. Through it all Cup of Cool Water proved to be a loving, supportive, and safe place.