What's up at Cool Water Bikes

An update on the busy months CWB has had

  Jun 28, 2016   admin

Cool Water Bikes has been very busy this year between business in the shop, working with youth, and participating in community events. April was our biggest sales month on record. For some reason, May was then much slower which actually put us behind financially compared to last year. So far this year, one young man has earned a bicycle, one other is nearly finished, and many other young men and women have expressed interest. We just found out that we will be receiving a small grant from the Spokefest organization to help fund our Earn-a-bike program this year. That is a huge help towards expanding the work we do with the youth here. We are also hoping to hire a part-time staff member to help in the shop starting this summer. He will most likely be raising support to pay for his salary. If you would like to help Cool Water Bikes grow to help youth and customers more and more, please consider donating towards this position.

We have visited four churches in the Spokane area to hold "Bike to Church" events at their Sunday morning gatherings and share how we use a bicycle shop to build relationship with youth who are homeless. We are scheduling with several other churches over the coming months. If you would be interested in hosting something like this at your church, please contact me soon to see if we can coordinate a date.

We just participated in the 24-hour mountain bike race at Riverside State Park for the 9th time. We had our best placing ever (9th out of 29 teams in our category) and rode 19 laps on the 15 mile circuit. Our team this year was made of 8 Cup of Cool Water staff, board members, and friends. In the past, we have also included youth who were up to the challenge and we hope to do that again in future years.