What’s up at Cool Water Bikes

Spring has sprung at Cool Water Bikes

  Apr 12, 2016   admin

Spring seems to have sprung early this year. We have already had some incredible weather for riding bikes. With that, business at Cool Water Bikes has been doing well as people are looking to get their bikes fixed up and ready to go for the new season. We've also continued to spend time with youth as they drop in to the shop to fix their bikes. One young man (now too old to attend Cup of Cool Water, but still maintaining relationship over the years) came in to earn a bike last month. He ended up choosing a mountain bike to get him around town as he searches for a new job.

We are trying some new ways to spread the word about Cool Water Bikes in the community and hope some of you can help. First, if you have a small group of people (especially anyone who enjoys riding bicycles) who would be interested in hearing about the shop, I would love to come meet with you over dinner, coffee, a ride, or whatever and spend a few minutes sharing what we do here.

Second, "Bike to Church Sunday" is something we have done with one church in the past and we are trying to expand it to several others this year. We see it as a fun event to invite your congregation to ride their bicycles to church on a given Sunday and enjoy this beautiful world God has put us in. We would be glad to come with a tent and tools to give free safety checks and maintenance advice and share more about how we use bicycles to build relationship with youth who are homeless here in Spokane. So far, we have three churches scheduled for dates to do this. I'm hoping we can coordinate with a few more this spring and summer. If you would be interested in doing this at your church, please give me a call at 838-8580 or email noah@coolwaterbikes.org