We Appreciate our Volunteers

Our volunteers give so much! We LOVE them.

  Apr 12, 2016   admin

Our Winter training was on February 20th. It was a great success. Thanks to Positive Life Radio talking about our ministry and the training on air we had unexpected attendees! Our community partners like PLR, local churches and businesses are so important to the success of our ministry. Whether it’s man-hours, donations or sponsorships, every penny and every minute given matters. It matters because it allows us to continue to invest in people that are often ignored in our society.

Our clients not only need services like food and clothing they need people to listen, to advocate for them and to empower them. That’s why we are here, to listen, to advocate and to empower. Your investment of time, money and prayer allows us to do that. If you’d like more information on how you, your church or your business can be involved please contact drew@cupofcoolwater.org.