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“God is a God who suffers with us.” Not just me and not just them, but us.

  Nov 19, 2015   admin

“But what if we cannot solve the problems or change the circumstances of those we seek to help? Alleviating pain and suffering may sometimes be the fruit of our being with those who suffer, but that is not primarily why we are there. Ministry takes courage to be with the sick, the dying, and the poor in their weakness and in our powerlessness. We can’t fix their problems or even answer their questions. We dare to be with others in mutual vulnerability and ministry precisely because God is a God who suffers with us and calls us to gratitude and compassion in the midst of pain. You cannot solve all the world’s problems, but you can be with people in their problems and questions with your simple presence, trusting that joy also will be found there.”

-Henri Nouwen

By Drew Dotson

After reading this excerpt from Henri Nouwen’s book Spiritual Direction I was reminded that as volunteers in drop-in we often come across situations and circumstances that we feel we must solve. Whether its finding someone shelter for the evening or housing permanently, we bare something that we have not been asked to bare. Ultimately, God has called us to be with our clients.

At CCW we listen to them, we eat with them, we pray with them. It is in these moments of mutual vulnerability that we share gratitude and compassion that comes from Christ. “God is a God who suffers with us.” Not just me and not just them, but us. This truth is a beautiful reality we can share with our clients.

Will you come and share in this truth with us? The homeless youth of Spokane need Cup of Cool Water and they need individuals like you to be with them! Our next volunteer training is October 17th. Please join us to learn how you might serve here at CCW!

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