Read about our Spring mentorship session.

  Jun 28, 2016   admin

We’ve just finished another Mentorship session for 2016! Our graduates were very committed and had the best attendance – nearly perfect - for the whole 8 weeks. As always, we all had fun and learned from each other. Here are a few of our mentee’s reflections about the Mentorship program:

“I enjoyed mentorship meetings. I felt like I was a part of something bigger and I liked being surrounded by good influences and people that care.”

“I liked having someone to talk to and not be judged. Thank! You!” (referring to one-on-one mentor meetings)

“Mentorship helped me be more social and work with people as a group.”

“I enjoyed working.”

“If I could change anything it would be me being able to work here and continue to help.”

We will continue Mentorship after the summer and hope you would consider helping us fund this great program. On average each mentee costs us about $300 per session. We are also creating an internship position for Mentees who have graduated and have an interest in working more at CCW. Of course, we will be paying them something and also need help with that.

If you are interested in learning more about Mentorship or how to support us please email