Holiday Wishes and Ongoing Needs

  Nov 28, 2016   admin

Hey folks! My name is Aaron. I am going to talk about what's going on in the facilities department at Cup.

We have many needs in this current season, some of which are one-time and others that are ongoing. Paper towels, socks, underwear (boxers for men), deodorant, floss, feminine hygiene products, plastic bags, chapstick, razor blades, blankets, men's pants, winter coats, sweatshirts, "High Efficiency" or "H.E." (front loader) laundry detergent, postage stamps and printer paper are recurring needs that we and the kids go through on a routine basis.

We have been blessed with a busy season this fall and have been able to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of many kids but it has left us depleted in many our resources. Your contributions go a long way to helping us in this area.

In addition to our recurring needs, we have some larger one-time needs and projects that we need assistance with. Firstly, we have many small maintenance issues that we typically handle on our own, but we have no tool set to do this work. We could use a standard and metric wrench set, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a hammer, and a cordless drill. In addition to tools, we also need two new washers, two dryers, and dryer ducting. Our current machines are having issues with the cycle timers and are progressively getting worse; kids sometimes aren't able to finish a full wash and dry load cycle in a three-hour drop-in period.

Our drop in center is in desperate need of an upgrade to the twenty padded four-legged office chairs that were donated by Whitworth University twenty years ago.

Earlier this year, a volunteer and his church, Summit, generously took up an offering for us and bought several couches to replace some of the worn out ones in our drop in center. However, we still have one very old couch that is in need of replacement. We would like a couch that is leather for sanitation reasons, and we would prefer to have three seats if possible.

Finally, we had some instruments stolen from our drop in center over the summer. We would love to have some replacements as music is often a tremendous emotional outlet for people, and a number of our clients are phenomenally talented. If anyone out there has an extra acoustic guitar, keyboard or a djemba that they don't use, we would much appreciate a donation.

If you or a group or person you know of could contribute to any of these needs, we would be deeply appreciative. Filling any of these needs would be a major boon to the ministry down here at Cup. I hope you're well and that the presence of God is a profound reality in your day to day. God bless.