Growing in Christ

Learning about God's love through relationships with others

  Jun 28, 2016   admin

At Cup of Cool Water we are faced with our prejudices daily. Last week I as I was walking out to my truck I noticed my window looked different. With a closer look, I discovered that someone smashed my window. My neighbor also had his window smashed in. I was immediately angry, frustrated and confused. Why would someone violate my sense of safety? Why me? If I wasn't a Christian, I could have sat in my anger, I would be justified. But as a believer and as a Youth Advocate at Cup of Cool Water, I am faced with the reality that Jesus calls us to love our enemies.

It is even possible that the person who broke my window was or is a client here. I have been faced with the challenge of allowing the Holy Spirit to transform my heart and love this person, rather than grow in hatred. The kids who come to our drop-ins or who we see on outreach are often loathed by society because of the behavior of some. We are in a position to change that here at Cup of Cool Water, to love as Jesus does and to move beyond our prejudices. We have a chance to change the narrative about how people view youth who are homeless. We also have the unique opportunity of building meaningful relationships with the kids, showing that although some people turn toward hate when wronged, Christians turn toward love in the midst of injustice.