Continuing to Grow Strong

Aaron gives an update on CCW

  Jun 28, 2016   admin

Hey folks! It’s Aaron down here at Cup. This winter and now through the spring, we’ve been continuing to walk alongside youth down here on our streets and to demonstrate God’s love and care to all we encounter. After a bit of a slow winter the kids are back out in force and looking for relationships, peace and of course, free food. We seek to provide those through our drop ins, follow ups with kids, and outreach into the streets.

It’s been very encouraging to see the relationships developed with kids and see the way our volunteers and staff have come together to work as a cohesive team to provide for the needs of our kids out there. It’s a unique joy to sit down and be able to listen to a broken heart pore out its tale of hurt and fear and to slowly become a redemptive part of that person’s story.

Our mentorship program also continues to be a bright spot from week to week as it progresses under Rachel’s care. It’s such a blessing to see teens come together to discuss issues like conflict resolution, barriers to communication, overcoming those barriers, and learning healthy listening habits.

But we continue to need support. Safety, love and respect continue to be a staple of CCW’s interaction with its clients but without God’s support none of that would be feasible. Please continue to be our intercessors and supporters as we do our part in God’s kingdom. We love and appreciate you for your willingness to be that. Thank you.