Changing Things Up, Again!

We are growing!

  Jun 28, 2016   admin

In the March newsletter I discussed some changes that were taking place at Cup of Cool Water. The primary purpose of these changes were to allow me to concentrate on expanding our Direct Services programs for the youth we serve.

I am excited to announce some program changes at Cup of Cool Water. We have created a plan on how we want to grow in our ability to share and show the love of Christ alongside youth who are homeless. It is a tiered approach to increase our hours of availability and locations to be with the youth.

For years we have kept the same hours, about 29.5 hours a week of direct service. Also, we have had the same age range, 22 and under. We feel led to begin by increasing our hours and changing our age range.

Thus, the first tier in this process is to increase our time and age range. In June we increased Monday Day Drop-in by 1 hour and we started have Day drop-in on Fridays. This is an increase of 4 hours per week moving our direct service time to 33.5 hours per week. In addition we are moving our age range of youth to 24 and under (people will age out on their 25th birthday). These changes have a duel effect for us. They will allow us to spend more time being with the youth per week and allow the staff to spend a longer time with them throughout their life. This extra time is especially significant for mentoring the youth toward a productive life in society.

Then in the fall we are planning our second tier of schedule changes. These changes will expand our ability to reach the youth in a couple of different environments. The staff at CCW will begin to visit youth who have been arrested and we will see how we are able to walk alongside the youth who come to CCW as they navigate our Community Court system. As in tier 1, the changes we are making in Tier 2 are creating more opportunities to walk alongside youth who are homeless showing them the love and hope of Jesus.

Like I mentioned earlier we have a plan of growing Cup of Cool Water’s ability walk alongside youth who are homeless on their journey of reconciliation with themselves, God, and society. In the end the goal is to be able to provide at least 51 hours of direct service a week. That is an increase of 21.5 hours or almost double the amount of direct service hours we are doing now.

In addition, transitional housing and emergency shelter is a need that many of these youth have and we would like to add this component to Cup of Cool Water. I am working with the Spokane area Homeless Coalition to see where Cup of Cool Water can fit in the overall plan for offering this new and much needed service.

However, we need your help in implementing and sustaining these programs that will help Cup of Cool Water provide an even higher level of service to youth who are homeless. The entire purpose of our existence is to help the youth become followers of Christ and productive members of society.

To make the additions needed to increase our ability to spend time with the youth Cup of Cool Water needs your help. CCW needs to hire 3 additional Core Staff Members. This means that we need to increase our budget by $200,000 a year. In other words we need more individuals, Churches, and businesses donating financially. We also need to have more Direct Service Volunteers. In addition CCW will need more Food Groups and other Behind the Scenes Volunteers.

How do you feel called to become part of the team at Cup of Cool Water?