2016's Blessings

A Look Back at 2016's Blessings

  Feb 6, 2017   admin

As we reflect on the past year there are many ways that we at Cup of Cool Water have experienced the Lord. We sat down as a staff at the beginning of 2017 and reflected on 2016. Below is a list of some of the many blessings we have seen.

Volunteers. Old and new. Direct service, service groups, and food groups (Church and Individual groups, Campus Kitchen, Women’s and Children’s Free Restaurant, Grocery Outlet, South Side Food Bank, Feed Spokane).

Core Staff and Board Members

The people we serve

One young man asked to be baptized

Many asked questions about Jesus

Lots of new kids

Getting into housing

Going back to school or starting college

Many sharing their faith in Christ with us and how they have been experiencing His love and provision

All those who have transitioned off the streets

Getting jobs

Mentorship Program and Bicycle Shop

Increasing our age limit, our hours, and our service (we now have weekly haircuts and a food bank!)

Church groups and Individuals providing gifts in-kind. We received a new refrigerator, freezer, and new kitchen faucet (the other one had been dripping for years), money for new washers and dryers, Christmas backpacks for the people we serve, hundreds of blankets and bags of clothing, and many hygiene items for our clothing room, just to name a few!

Creation of a chapel space in our building

A beautiful new mural just outside the front door

Financial Donors (374 Individuals, 31 Churches, 31 Businesses, 6 Foundations)

Learning to love and be patient with the kids and each other.

I’m sure we have forgotten to mention someone or something, but we are very thankful for every gift God has provided.

Over all, 2016 has been a great year. God has shown up and worked in wonderful and mysterious ways. Praise be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.