100 Churches Project

Our new fundraising campaign!

  Jun 28, 2016   admin

We are excited to announce a new campaign starting here at Cup of Cool Water. It is called the 100 Churches Project. We are hoping to partner with 100 churches over the next year. For the partnership we are looking for churches willing to adopt us for 1-4 weeks every year. During that period of time we’d be available to do a church presentation and provide tools to reach the congregation such as a video and flyers.

Our hope is that each church would raise at least $1,000 annually as part of their support for Cup of Cool Water. Other support such as volunteering, clothing needs and other material donations would also be most welcomed from the congregation. Our intention is to maintain an ongoing relationship with every church partner, letting them know how we are doing and what their donations have accomplished within the Cup mission.

The building of trusting relationships with our youth requires trained staff and we’d love the opportunity to have more of these trained staff to walk alongside youth on their journey of reconciliation with themselves, God, and society. Please consider partnering with us to accomplish this mission.